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How NASA's Perseverance Mars Team Adjusted to Work in the Time of Coronavirus

Like much of the rest of the world, the Mars rover team is pushing forward with its mission-critical work while putting the health and safety of their colleagues and community first.

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InSight sol 503 (2020-04-26) low -93.8ºC (-136.8ºF) high -4.9ºC (23.2ºF) winds from the WNW at 4.6 m/s (10.2 mph) gusting to 17.5 m/s (39.1 mph) pressure at 6.70

Mars Facts:

Equatorial Diameter: 6,792 km
Polar Diameter: 6,752 km
Mass: 6.42 x 10^23 kg (10.7% Earth)
Moons: 2 (Phobos & Deimos)
Orbit Distance: 227,943,824 km (1.52 AU)
Orbit Period: 687 days (1.9 years)
Surface Temperature: -153 to 20 °C
First Record: 2nd millennium BC
Recorded By: Egyptian astronomers